Looking For Stylish Summer/Spring Wear? Here Are the 10 Fashion Trends You Must Know

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 Nothing excites a fashion enthusiast like the mention of summer and for many good reasons. You see, while it is still possible to look cool during the cold season, it is the sunshine that brings out the best outfits fully. What’s more, summer means more opportunities to go out and meet people and it is thus the best chance to look great in the latest fashion trends.  2018 promises to dazzle if the fashion weeks are anything to go by and you should get ready to rock the latest fashion styles. Whether you love the trends or you like sticking to the more traditional summer outfits, there must be something you can learn from the latest trends.

Below are some of the summer trends already creating a buzz in the fashion industry. Take a look and see what you can borrow from these trends:

  1. Polka Dots

Now polka dots have been around for some time but they always make a comeback like all classics. You see, it is easy to get a great look with polka dots because it is one of the most versatile patterns you will find in the fashion industry. A polka-dot ensemble not only gives your outfit some warmth but shows you are ready to have fun this summer.  You can choose from the large polka-dot ensemble including a polka-dot maxi dress, polka-dot city bag, and polka-dot tote, polka-dot wrap and many other items.

  1. Floral Patterns

Okay, you must be thinking there is nothing new with florals in summer but when was the last time you went to the stores for a new floral dress or any other floral pattern outfit? This season you will find big and bright all-over prints and many other variations which will make you look great everywhere you turn up this summer.

  1. Pastel Colors

To say that there is a Pastel colors attack in 2018 is an understatement.   They are everywhere from the fashion catwalks to the streets and for a good reason. Delicate sugared almond shades are in and in a big way.  To put it simply, pastels are a lovely, soft option for warmer temperatures and you can play around with these colors to pull off any look you want.  From lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue you have an array of colors to choose from and the choice is yours.

  1. Check Prints

Check are dominating the fashion events and you will see them in a big way everywhere. You see, this is one of those classic styles that will always make a comeback in a fresh way. While the print was traditionally exclusive to blazers and trousers, you will find it on asymmetrical tops and breezy skirts and you can mix it up with anything else you like as long as the colors blend well.

  1. Fringing

It was not something many people expected to make a comeback during the fashion week but it did and in a big way.  Fringing is not getting a sophisticated, empowered appeal and you can see it on more items including boots.

  1. Bold Colors

You can expect to see more bold colors this summer and the best thing is that they are always easy to wear. Summer is a season of fun and there is no better way to channel the spirit of the season than with outstanding colors.  You can borrow from the fashion weeks and rock vibrant, bold shades which can suit every outfit you want to wear.

  1. Sheer

Sheer was one of the headlining trends in most fashion weeks and you can expect to find more transparent clothing in the stores. From sheer coats, dresses, and skirts, cycling shorts to full briefs there is a sheer outfit for everyone and for every occasion.  If you want to make heads turn this summer, get ready to go bold with sheer trends.

  1. Asymmetry

Who thought something that goes against the grain would add such an edge to an outfit? Asymmetry looks were big in most fashion shows and most stores already have interesting clothing that you should try out. It is a great way to give an edge to your favorite outfit.

  1. Double Denim

That denim will never go out of fashion is not in doubt but one thing that you have to recognize is the dynamic of this summer favorite. This summer, the double denim is the in-thing. Doubling up is the way to go if you want to rock your denim in a fresh way and you have some incredible inspiration from the fashion shows.

  1. The Statement Short

Maybe you are thinking of the ever-present and boring shorts threw away after summer only to come back next summer. Well, the fashion show had an interesting take on summer shorts and you will love the reincarnation of this ever-practical look. From Saint Laurent’s high-waisted leather shorts to Louis Vuitton’s silky boxer style there is a lot you can do with shorts to make a fashion statement.

Now there is so much more you need to get ready for this summer. From the wet look clothes, Crayola colors, printed Bardot frill bikini, feather clothes, puff sleeves, beach clothes, soft shades of lavender, utility jumpsuits, ruffles, Cinderella shoes, multiple bags, waterproof plastics, sequins to mention a few.

Now, these trends made it on the list because the top designers in the industry from Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, Gucci Dior and Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Versace, Celine, Preen, Burberry, Sonia Rykiel, Fendi to BottegaVeneta tried them out during the fashion weeks in different fashion hotspots. If you love fashion, it is highly likely you have already noticed these trends on the catwalk, red carpets, and other public events. It is easy to pick an outfit that is not only comfortable this summer but also practical. Don’t just borrow any outfit you notice during the fashion week and instead, go ahead and personalize it to give it your personal touch. Summer is a time to have fun so make sure you pick outfits that allow you to enjoy the moments.