Maid Of Honor Speech For Sister – Best Speeches For Your Best Friend

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Once I started writing a speech for my friend and I couldn’t find any word that describes our friendship perfectly. It’s been a complete roller-coaster ride with her all these years and I am relieved of this duty by handing her to this special person whom she has chosen. I couldn’t believe myself when she said that she found the right one as I know it’s difficult for her to choose or accept someone entirely. This has been handled by her very well and I am proud of her for selecting you as her husband. My sister cum best friend Arlene is the best girlfriend anyone would have asked for, she is available for you in every win and also in your worst moments. She has been rock-solid support in so many things in life for me since childhood.

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We both can confide in each other every silly thing and that is what makes me cry because now she will have extra support and maybe she is going to forget me. I love you, Arlene, don’t stop disturbing me and keep irritating me the way just like you used to. She is so much fun to have around and she lights up the home with her laughter which will be missed at home. Now she is going to spend her life in bliss with this young man who should take care of her as we have done and love her like nobody would ever love because she is our angel.

We have so many memories that I could share today on this precious occasion but I would like to save time for others to speak as whatever I say now is never going to end because of everything we have done together. Since childhood, we have dreamt together, played together, ate together, did some silly pranks on each other and I never thought that my sister would make such a beautiful bride and thanks for choosing me as your maid of honor. This is my maid of honor speech for sister and I am grateful for everything she has done for me and you without even asking any silly question about each other. Everything has changed so drastically that life has brought us to this beautiful dream on her big day. Live and cheers to this beautiful couple and may you life be filled with bliss, happiness and gratefulness.