6 Secrets to Looking Classy During the Cold Season

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  Everyone longs for the summer, and warm seasons as this is the time you can rock your favorite sundress, pair of jumpsuit, shorts, crop tops and all the fancy clothing in your closet. Selecting which outfit to put on during warm seasons is not difficult, as there is plenty to choose from. It is however tasking to select which outfit to wear and appear stylish during winter and the cold months. We will share with you tips on how to dress fancy and still keep warm during the cold season.

  1. Trench Coats: Invest in trench coats all through, stack them up in your wardrobe in different colors. Trench coats will help you achieve that classy look even when you put in a little effort in your dressing. You can wear a bright top with a not so bold skirt or pair of pants, and complete the look by having a navy blue, black or gray trench coat on top. Pull that Olivia Pope Scandal look and you will appear both elegant and professional. If you happen to love trench coats that come in screaming colors like bright red and yellow, ensure you wear dark clothing beneath it so as not to clash the colors.
  2. Boots: These are a must in every girl’s shoe closet. Boots come in various lengths and material. Put on your furry pink boots and pair them with black tights. Wearing your knee high boots and short dress, will not make you feel uncomfortable or cold when walking. Ankle boots can be worn with a pair of denim jeans or khaki pants. Always ensure that you wear socks or tights when rocking your boots. Patterned tights and knight tights both look good when worn with short dresses. You can add heavy socks to your tights if the boots you wear are not long enough, and you still feel cold. The socks don’t have to be the same color as your boots. A pair of black leather boots goes with almost everything. Chelsea boots and Chukka boots for men will make you look classy when going to the office. You can also rock your Chukka boots with jeans as you unwind during the weekend.
  3. Faux Fur: They look fluffy from a distance and you always want to hug the wearer because how cozy they appear. Get you at least three faux fur coats that will keep you warm and trendy during the winter. The amazing thing with these coats is that they never go out of fashion. Faux fur coats are designed differently to suit both genders. They come in multi colors and you can wear whichever color you love. Some are even hooded which is amazing as you can cover your head and ears and still look cool. Fur coats are also unisex and rhyme well with dresses and trousers. When wearing a heavy long sleeved dress, throw in your sleeveless faux fur coat, and trust me your outfit will move from 0 to 100.
  4. Scarves: You probably just wrap your scarf around your neck and quickly leave the house without paying much attention. Scarves can do a lot to your outfit of the day and totally change your look and how you feel about yourself. There are at least ten ways in which you can stylishly wear your scarf. Plain colored scarves will really complement your look if you happen to wear a scarf which is of the same color as one of your outfits. Take for example; you decide to wear your favorite pair of navy blue pants and white blouse or shirt. Since the weather outside is cold, you will add your jacket. This is a usual plain look. If you have that navy blue scarf in your wardrobe, please ensure that you wrap it around your neck as it will match your trousers, making you appear more fashionable. Stripped scarves could come in handy with your stripped tights or just plain colors of the clothes you wear on that particular day. Scarves reduce the monotony of an ordinary look.
  5. Leather Jackets: They have been worn for centuries and are even a signature look for some groups. Leather jackets are heavy enough to absorb the heat the body releases when keeping you warm. To look smart while wearing leather coats during the cold season, pair the jacket with your cute little top and denim pants. You can also throw in a brightly colored sweater beneath your leather jacket if you feel like it is not thick enough. The idea here is to stay warm and modest.
  6. Sweatshirts and Hoodies: I love wearing my hoodies every time. They not only look good on you but also keep the cold away. It feels s like having a cool smaller blanket on you. I especially love hoodies with writings on either the back or front as I often find interesting things printed on them. It is advisable to however not wear hoodies when on official duties. Sweatshirts are the classy. And you don’t have to wait fo winter to rock them. You can have your sweatshirt and sweatpants on when staying at home or wear a skirt with a pair of tights beneath and sneakers on. This is such a simple yet snazzy look.

The cold season does not mean that you push your fashionable clothes further in the closet and bring out all the dull cardigans or jackets. The secret is in pairing. What looks good with what? Which boot will make you achieve the maximum glamorous look even on a bland day? Always take time to pick the clothes you will wear if you want to remain stylish. Plan in advance if you can. Have an early morning the following day? Why not take out the clothes you plan on wearing and place them where you will easily find them? Also remember to keep adding more heavy clothing during the summer. When the sun is out in warm months, we often forget that the cold season will come. You don’t want to wear the same jackets week in week out. Stay stylish and have that positive vibe for a great day.


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